How long can you live without a cell phone?

Sweet, sweet cell phone
Sweet, sweet cell phone

Imagine you are in Lawrence, Kansas. Imagine you are using a public restroom. Imagine you like to read on your phone while in restrooms. Now imagine you put your phone down, leave the bathroom without it, and by the time you remember to retrieve it, it is gone!

What would your first reaction be? Mine was to mutter the word “mother” followed by another word that starts with an “f” and ends with a “ucker.”

How could I be so stupid? I blame my parents. It’s their genes that made me, and chances are they dropped me at least once on my head as a kid. Couple that with at least three known concussions, binge drinking at times, and other stuff I guess it’s pretty easy to answer the question that began this paragraph.

But enough of me. What I am interested in knowing is, “How long can one live without a cell phone?”

Losing a cell phone is kind of like losing your identity. Think of what’s on your cell phone.
1. Phone numbers that you clearly have not memorized, and therefore you will probably not be able to get in touch with 90% of your contacts.
2. Photos. Some of which may or may not allow you to ever run for office because they are now public. And since not everyone backs these up, those memories will eventually vanish when your memory goes.
3. Some people even store important personal data on their phones.

Now that there are no pay phones, you actually have to converse with other humans and ask them to borrow their phone to make a call. Imagine that. And even if you find a pay phone, I’m pretty sure the police are immediately called in to question what you are doing because using a pay phone is just about the shadiest looking thing you can do these days.

And how do you get anywhere? Use a map? Ha! Or, stop at a gas station and ask for directions? Oh, the humanity.

And what about getting on line? Especially if you are traveling. Apparently, there are still public libraries and you can go to them.

The funny thing is, I wouldn’t mind doing any of these things. It might do the world good if we had to interact more, use maps, or even go the library.

However, it wasn’t ten minutes after I realized my phone was gone forever that I called Verizon and ordered a new one. I didn’t get it for about three days and even for a non high-tech, fairly simple person like myself, three days was just about enough.

How long do you think you could last?


Moore Strong

It is very sad anytime we see the devastation after a tornado barrels through a populated area. This past May an F5 hit Moore, Oklahoma. As we drove through the town, actually seeing the damage was overwhelming.




The saddest story came out of Plaza Towers Elementary School. Not only was the school completely destroyed, seven students were killed. The memorial set up in their honor would bring anyone to tears.



With only four days until the start of the new school year, we thought we would lend a hand to get Plaza Towers Elementary’s temporary location set up. We helped move furniture, organize text books, and deliver donated supplies to each classroom. The tasks were simple but they were eye opening.

helping at school

helping school 3
We couldn’t believe how many supplies were donated from all over the country. We read note after heart felt note from so many kids, teachers-complete strangers.
hope sign 2

The sheer resolve of the community was astounding. A tornado just ripped through their town and flattened so many homes,  yet there was no doubt they would rebuild even stronger than before.

We helped Janice Brim, a 6th grade teacher, move supplies into her new room. She then asked us to sit down so we could talk and get to know each other. She told us how her school felt like family and she was ready for the new year to begin despite the challenges.

Janice Brimm

We also got to meet Amy Simpson, the Principal of Plaza Towers. She had such a warm, easy-going nature yet you could tell she was also a strong leader. She, and the rest of the staff, were so appreciative of our help, but they were the real inspiration.
Principal Amy Simpson

It seems cliche to say, but it made us proud to be humans after meeting the people of Moore, Oklahoma. Kind of renews your faith in humanity. They will rebuild and they will bounce back because that is who they are. We are convinced no tornado could ever touch the spirit of these people.

Rebuilding Plaza Towers–feelings-of-hope-and-anguish-as-kids-head-back-to-school-after-the-moore-tornado-135839118.html

Feeling the Love in Flint, MI

When we decided to run the Hoops and Hope Tour we were hoping to impact communities through the game of basketball. We were hoping to give back. When we left Flint, Michigan we felt like they had given everything to us, and we were the ones who had been given hope.

We partnered with The Dribble Stick Academy, a legit basketball facility that trains kids year round, including numerous Division I basketball players. The two partners were Luke Lloyd and Joe McElroy. Luke was born and raised in Flint and has seen first hand the collapse of the economy, including the shuttering of several factories that were the lifeblood of the community. After 8 years playing professional basketball overseas he decided to come home and help rebuild Flint his way. He partnered with his good friend Joe McElroy who grew up just outside of Flint.

Luke & Joe in the back
Luke & Joe in the back

Luke and Joe have turned The Dribble Stick Academy from a couple of courts into a world class facility where top level training occurs year round. They push their players to the limits, and they get the absolute best out of them. More importantly, they teach each and every player how to grow as a person. The discipline they instill in their players is a remarkable feat because they do not berate players with constant yelling. In fact, just the opposite. They are tough, yet they are teachers. They care deeply for each and every kid and all they want is for those kids to reach their potential.

The kids we met in Flint were the most respectful, caring, and hard-working kids we have seen. This is directly attributable to Luke and Joe. They have instilled a culture of hard work and respect throughout their facility, and the kids work hard to keep this culture in place. They encourage each other to pick up trash, cheer when another player is struggling. To sum it up, “They just get it.”

We were honored to run a camp with such a great group of people and learned so much during our three days in Flint. Luke even took us to a famous burger place in downtown Flint called The Torch. We highly recommend it. We also got to celebrate Vanessa’s 21st birthday there. The whole camp sang Happy Birthday.

Birthday Triple Threat
Birthday Triple Threat

In addition to molding the youth of Michigan, Luke and Joe hope to lure jobs back to Michigan with their invention, The Dribble Stick. It’s a tool to help players with their ball handling and it is clearly doing its job ( Maybe they can begin getting it produced in Flint and fill those dormant factories.

Whatever it is that happens in the future, One on One Basketball knows the community of Flint and the surrounding suburbs are in good hands with people like Luke Lloyd and Joe McElroy around to help.


For further reading, here is a newspaper article written about the Hoops and Hope Tour:

Niagara Falls…Where the World Comes Together


Ever wondered what the world would be like if one family from every nation came and hung out in the same spot?  Welcome to Niagara Falls!

Maybe it’s the sheer power of Niagara Falls.  The force of all that water is mesmerizing and maybe it pulls people from all corners of the globe.  It forces us to all come together and get along.  We all have to wait in lines together, sit patiently while three other families take a picture of the falls before you can.  You must navigate through crowds of people, all different from you, yet in the end, all so much alike. 
Black, Brown, White.  Dressed in t-shirts, Burkas, and turbans.  Short, tall, skinny, fat.
They are all at Niagara Falls to spend time with what is likely the most important thing to 99% of the world, their families. 




We must have heard kids running around speaking 30 different languages, yet we could all infer what they were feeling from their childish giggles.  The man in the turban held his wife’s hand and the woman in the burka laughed at what I suspect was her father’s off-color joke.  The world was on display and at it’s finest at Niagara Falls. 


Despite the waters rushing violently in the background, it was as peaceful a day as I can remember.  It made for one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

And it was all topped off when we got back to the parking lot in which Rhonda was resting.  We had not eaten dinner, and we noticed several tents with what must have been 70 people celebrating Caribbean Fest, a huge party in Toronto.  The smell of jerked chicken was unmistakable and I wandered over to see what they were doing.  Two seconds later Vanessa and I had two platefuls of chicken, beef, corn, and whatever else they offered.  It was amazing. 


I Like ‘Em Small

"Stop you two. This is a public place!"
“Stop you two. This is a public place!”

I know, I know what you’re thinking. How could someone as proud and strong as me go for someone so small??? Well, besides the fact I like to be in control, I’ve been on the road for over a month without any action. So when this sweet young van pulled up beside me I figured I’d cozy up and get some. And I was all ready to bump uglies until my two co-captains came bumbling out of the movie theater and interrupted what was going to be a very nice couple of minutes. I had just gotten my oil changed and was feeling fresh too!! Oh well, at least I know I can still get all lubed up despite my advanced age. Maybe I’ll get lucky at our next stop.

Canada You Stink…..Oh Wait, It’s Us :(

Man, Canada freaking stinks we’d say as we drove all around the country with a slight smell of poop in the air.

As we were leaving Montreal and even while driving through the farmlands outside of Quebec City, the smell lingered but seemed to disappear when we would enter a city or if we were parked. But leaving Toronto, the smell was 1,000 times worse.

We couldn’t figure out why Canada wreaked. Then it hit us…Canada didn’t stink, we did!

Turns out that we were driving around in a sewermobile and we needed to desperately add a deodorizing treatment to our black water tank. If you don’t know what a black water tank is, just think about it for a second…it ain’t pretty!

And how could we even think otherwise?? Just look at this place…..


Well, we did what we had to do and Rhonda is fresh, clean, and smiling again.


And from the bottom of our hearts, sorry Canada.

The Towels Are About To Turn

Any Walking Dead fans out there? If not, it’s ok. A quick synopsis. When humans die they don’t really die. They actually turn into flesh eating zombies. There’s always a dilemma when a loved one dies or gets bitten by a zombie because they too will turn and want to eat you.

So what happens in real life when your towels are about to turn. You know the feeling. You get out of the shower, reach for the rack and as soon as the towel hits your body you realize something is a little off. First you think, “Wait, did I miss a spot?” Then the inevitable truth sinks in. You knew this day was coming but you didn’t want to admit it. Two days before you knew something was not right and then yesterday it got worse. Now you get out of the shower and you know it.

Your towel has turned.


There’s nothing you can do about it. No matter how much you shake it the towel has turned and it wreaks. Your whole shower will have been for naught if you keep drying off with it.

Well, imagine you live in an RV and you only have four total towels and three have all have turned???? And the remaining living towel has that familiar nearly turned stench. You think, I can salvage you. Just one more shower, and we will get you to a laundry where you can get healthy again. But in the back of your mind you know. That towel you used to know is but a faint memory. This next shower may be it. You may get out and the towel will have turned.

And you just spent 7 hours sweating at a basketball camp. What the hell do you do? Do you just let fate play its course and assume there’s nothing you can do? Or do you fight back and say, “I will choose my own destiny! I will not let these towels control me. No, I will grab fresh dishrags and t-shirts and I will stay clean. The towels may have turned, but I will not be turned myself!”


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Amazing Handy’s in Burlington

There were a lot of things in Burlington that were so ‘Burlington’.

Like this nice girl with a tie-dye shirt on a skateboard.

Or ‘Champ’ the mythical, and as you can see, clearly lovable prehistoric monster that reportedly lurks in Lake Champlain.
But the best thing about Burlington had to be the Handy’s! It seemed everywhere you went you could get a Handy to service you. It was amazing!!!

We were dumbfounded. I never associated that word with Burlington but we were definitely seeing Handy’s everywhere. From the lunch counter to the automotive repair shop to the apartment suites. Handy’s for everyone!

Apparently the Handy family did well in the 1900’s and established a number of small businesses in the area (what did you think we were talking about you sick bastards?)

Aside from great street performers, Handy’s is what Burlington is all about. So come to Burlington and get a Handy yourself!