Amazing Handy’s in Burlington

There were a lot of things in Burlington that were so ‘Burlington’.

Like this nice girl with a tie-dye shirt on a skateboard.

Or ‘Champ’ the mythical, and as you can see, clearly lovable prehistoric monster that reportedly lurks in Lake Champlain.
But the best thing about Burlington had to be the Handy’s! It seemed everywhere you went you could get a Handy to service you. It was amazing!!!

We were dumbfounded. I never associated that word with Burlington but we were definitely seeing Handy’s everywhere. From the lunch counter to the automotive repair shop to the apartment suites. Handy’s for everyone!

Apparently the Handy family did well in the 1900’s and established a number of small businesses in the area (what did you think we were talking about you sick bastards?)

Aside from great street performers, Handy’s is what Burlington is all about. So come to Burlington and get a Handy yourself!


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