The Towels Are About To Turn

Any Walking Dead fans out there? If not, it’s ok. A quick synopsis. When humans die they don’t really die. They actually turn into flesh eating zombies. There’s always a dilemma when a loved one dies or gets bitten by a zombie because they too will turn and want to eat you.

So what happens in real life when your towels are about to turn. You know the feeling. You get out of the shower, reach for the rack and as soon as the towel hits your body you realize something is a little off. First you think, “Wait, did I miss a spot?” Then the inevitable truth sinks in. You knew this day was coming but you didn’t want to admit it. Two days before you knew something was not right and then yesterday it got worse. Now you get out of the shower and you know it.

Your towel has turned.


There’s nothing you can do about it. No matter how much you shake it the towel has turned and it wreaks. Your whole shower will have been for naught if you keep drying off with it.

Well, imagine you live in an RV and you only have four total towels and three have all have turned???? And the remaining living towel has that familiar nearly turned stench. You think, I can salvage you. Just one more shower, and we will get you to a laundry where you can get healthy again. But in the back of your mind you know. That towel you used to know is but a faint memory. This next shower may be it. You may get out and the towel will have turned.

And you just spent 7 hours sweating at a basketball camp. What the hell do you do? Do you just let fate play its course and assume there’s nothing you can do? Or do you fight back and say, “I will choose my own destiny! I will not let these towels control me. No, I will grab fresh dishrags and t-shirts and I will stay clean. The towels may have turned, but I will not be turned myself!”


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4 thoughts on “The Towels Are About To Turn

  1. Susan

    Good day to you both!
    I just have to comment that I enjoy reading your lessons on the road while I am sipping my morning tea! Keep us entertained and enjoy happy and safe travels!

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