Canada You Stink…..Oh Wait, It’s Us :(

Man, Canada freaking stinks we’d say as we drove all around the country with a slight smell of poop in the air.

As we were leaving Montreal and even while driving through the farmlands outside of Quebec City, the smell lingered but seemed to disappear when we would enter a city or if we were parked. But leaving Toronto, the smell was 1,000 times worse.

We couldn’t figure out why Canada wreaked. Then it hit us…Canada didn’t stink, we did!

Turns out that we were driving around in a sewermobile and we needed to desperately add a deodorizing treatment to our black water tank. If you don’t know what a black water tank is, just think about it for a second…it ain’t pretty!

And how could we even think otherwise?? Just look at this place…..


Well, we did what we had to do and Rhonda is fresh, clean, and smiling again.


And from the bottom of our hearts, sorry Canada.


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