Niagara Falls…Where the World Comes Together


Ever wondered what the world would be like if one family from every nation came and hung out in the same spot?  Welcome to Niagara Falls!

Maybe it’s the sheer power of Niagara Falls.  The force of all that water is mesmerizing and maybe it pulls people from all corners of the globe.  It forces us to all come together and get along.  We all have to wait in lines together, sit patiently while three other families take a picture of the falls before you can.  You must navigate through crowds of people, all different from you, yet in the end, all so much alike. 
Black, Brown, White.  Dressed in t-shirts, Burkas, and turbans.  Short, tall, skinny, fat.
They are all at Niagara Falls to spend time with what is likely the most important thing to 99% of the world, their families. 




We must have heard kids running around speaking 30 different languages, yet we could all infer what they were feeling from their childish giggles.  The man in the turban held his wife’s hand and the woman in the burka laughed at what I suspect was her father’s off-color joke.  The world was on display and at it’s finest at Niagara Falls. 


Despite the waters rushing violently in the background, it was as peaceful a day as I can remember.  It made for one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

And it was all topped off when we got back to the parking lot in which Rhonda was resting.  We had not eaten dinner, and we noticed several tents with what must have been 70 people celebrating Caribbean Fest, a huge party in Toronto.  The smell of jerked chicken was unmistakable and I wandered over to see what they were doing.  Two seconds later Vanessa and I had two platefuls of chicken, beef, corn, and whatever else they offered.  It was amazing. 


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