Rhonda Gets High

So we are all in our third month on the road. Brett now feels 3 days with the same boxers is ok, Vanessa feels baby wipes showers are the same as real showers, and I feel like getting high.

So that is exactly what I did.
There is nothing like getting high in the Rocky Mountains!

First I got high with the devil. Not the real devil. Devil’s Tower! In Wyoming. I was high as a kite at over 5,000 feet.
It felt good. I was relaxed. I swear I saw an entire field of prairie dogs, but I’m not sure. I was pretty high.

Getting High at Devil's Tower
Getting High at Devil’s Tower
Am I hallucinating or is that prairie dog trying to start some shit?
Am I hallucinating or is that prairie dog trying to start some shit?

Next, I wanted to get even higher so we headed further into the Rockies. All the way to Yellowstone National Park. Wow! I was over 8,500 feet up and I swear I couldn’t feel a thing. I was so damn high!
clouds and mts

the rockies

clouds and trees

It was like I was on another planet. I shit you not, it was like Mars. There was steam shooting out of the ground and volcanic activity everywhere. I know I was super high but I swear I’m telling the truth.

weird steam

weird stuff

old faithful

Was I just tripping out, or did I really just see a grizzly bear? WTF!!!


I felt like I was coming down so I got a little higher. I probably should not have been driving because I’m pretty sure I almost ran a pack of buffaloes off the road.

buffalo in road

We left Yellowstone and headed to Glacier National Park in Montana. I was so high that Vanessa and Brett rented a car so I could come down at the campsite. The curves of that road would have been tough for me to handle in my elevated state.

side of road

road curve

Man, I need to come down.
Man, I need to come down.

However, from what they tell me and the pics they took, Glacier was a site to see.

glacier almost gone

valley with river



Looks like they were pretty high too.

nessa high

brett weird

We will still be in the Rockies for another week or so. Hope I don’t kill too many more brain cells.
I am just so freakin high!


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