We have Mastered the Wind!

Holy crap did it get hot in Rhonda this summer! It could be nice and cool outside, but within Rhonda it always seemed we could never get a breeze. We constantly resorted to covering our bodies with Frozen Margaritas in order to stay cool (thank you Jackie!).

Sweet tan line
Sweet tan line

However, after almost two months on the road we finally mastered the wind!

We were parked outside a Laundromat in Middleton, Wisconsin to steal some WiFi, and we noticed a breeze shoot through our window. It was fairly hot that night so we were hoping for the breeze to continue.

It did not.

How could we harness the breeze?

And then it hit us! Let’s see what direction the wind is traveling using our trusty cell phones, and then park accordingly so the wind would hit us.

I was so proud of our brains that night. The wind was moving SW at 7 mph. So, all we did was face Rhonda NW. Bam! The wind streamed through like the Salmon of Capistrano. It only took two months, but we had done it!

We had mastered the wind…just in time for fall in the Rocky Mountains!

Now, where the hell did we put our blankets? It’s freaking 32 degrees outside and the wind is making it freezing in here!
Someone shut that damn window!

It's fricking freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth.
It’s fricking freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth.

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