For Once Why Can’t We Just be Cool!

Picture this: Brett and I walking along a gorgeous Tofino beach in the Vancouver Islands.


Sooooooo amazing.

We see some mussels and ask the kind lady fishing with her husband if we could eat them. She says of course, she does it all the time.

Mussels in the Ground

Awesome: Never have we ever ‘caught’ and cooked a meal. Brett couldn’t contain his excitement:

Brett Psyched

So we pick a bag full of mussels….Picking Mussels

and make a pretty darn tasty sauce with ingredients we scrounged from Rhonda’s cupboard. At this point, we are pretty freaking proud of ourselves….and they tasted amazing.

Checking To See if They Are ReadyMussells Cooked

Fast forward to later in the evening as we were telling the bartender…still pretty excited about the entire day.

It turns out that kind lady fishing with her husband had no freaking clue.

The bartender immediately had this disgusted look: “What???? Did you check to see if it was OK????”

Ummmmmmm, we obviously didn’t. So of course it turned out that the entire area is closed to fishing due to contamination including the picking of shelled seafood.

Well, way to rain on our parade! We didnt get sick (THANK GOD) but I think we were both pretty sure we were going to spontaneously start foaming at the mouth in the middle of the night!

And there you have it. It’s the story of two dumb Americans who just want to be the cool kids living by the water. Uhhhh, uncontrollable diarrhea is probably not very cool. I’ve taken a mental note.


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