Receding Glaciers…And Hairlines

We traveled all through Canada and one of our favorite places was something called the Columbia Icefield Parkway. It begins at beautiful Lake Louise and ends in Jasper, Alberta. There are a number of huge glaciers on the way. The biggest is called the Athabasca Glacier.

The glacier is absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately it will not be around too much longer.

Athabasca Glacier-2013
Athabasca Glacier-2013

You see, the glacier is receding about 7-10 feet per year. As we walked towards it, there are posts in the ground that show where the glacier used to extend to.

In 1942 it was here. Everywhere you see dirt is where the glacier used to extend to. The snow way in the background is where the glacier extends to today.

Athabasca Glacier-1942
Athabasca Glacier-1942

As we walked by the posts that showed how far the glacier had receded we couldn’t help but think of other things that recede over time. The first thing that popped into my head was my brother Adam’s hairline. If anything was receding faster than this glacier, it was his hair.

In 1982, the glacier had begun receding but Adam’s hair was full of life.

1982-Receding Glacier,, Happy Hair
1982-Receding Glacier,, Happy Hair
1982-Receding Glacier and Happy Hair
1982-Receding Glacier and Happy Hair

By 1992 the glacier was further receded and Adam’s hair was just beginning to show signs despite a raging mullet.
1992 glacier

1992 Receding Mullet
1992 Receding Mullet

As the years went on things only got worse for both glacier and poor Adam.


glacier now

receding 2

Uh oh, there's less ice and hair!!!
Uh oh, there’s less ice and hair!!!

Can’t blame global warming for Adam’s problems. It’s a sad state of affairs for both the Athabasca Glacier and his thinning hairline. The only thing we can do is appreciate all the time we have with these precious natural resources until inevitably, both disappear forever.


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