Don’t Judge A Utah By Its Cover

Utah: I judged you. I was wrong and I say I’m wrong.

I have never spent any real time in Utah. I generalized it as a highly religious state with no booze to be had.

Not sure why I had these preconceived notions. Maybe it’s because every time I told someone about moving to Park City their first reaction is: “why the hell would you do that, you can’t drink in Utah.”

Well, I’m here to say Utahians (???) are not as uptight as I was lead to believe.

So. Many. Breweries. You can drink in Utah. And I intend to try every single one of them. Vanessa:1 Prohibition: 0

Naked Women! I actually saw a billboard for a strip club as we were driving to Salt Lake. Young women in Utah also have the same opportunities to ‘pay their way through college’ as those in other states.

Another thing exists in Utah that I had no freaking clue about. Salt deserts!! Amazingly beautiful, we drove through miles and miles of white, snowlike fields.

What else was surprising about Utah? Always thought Utahians were probably pretty mellow. Well, Brett joined a basketball league here and at his first game there was almost a fight on the court and the benches cleared. Utah is tough!

And did you know it snows in Utah???? Crazy, right? Ok, we knew it snowed, but we didn’t have any pictures to put in and since the four people who actually read this blog probably only look at the pictures anyways we figured we better sneak one in.

Holy crap. It snows in Utah!
Holy crap. It snows in Utah!

I’m sure there will be other surprising revelations too.
Utah…what a state!

Sweet, sweet Utah
Sweet, sweet Utah

7 thoughts on “Don’t Judge A Utah By Its Cover

  1. Susan Granzow

    I love Utah. (Guess that is why they have the State Capitol (SALT Lake City) ! It snows quite a bit and the mountains are huge and beautiful! Glad you enjoyed the state. Keep exploring and having fun!
    We miss you.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

  2. gertiemom

    OMG you can drink???? But u don’t even drink do u??? Oh I did just find those bags of booze hidden in the bushes here!!!! Glad to hear UTAH is OK what do u mean only 4 watch the blog!!! Impossible to get such entertainment anywhere else!!!! Dad and I LOVE it!!

  3. ike isaacson

    One of 4 reporting!!!!! You both sound terrific! The old axiom “Life is Good” translates perfectly to you two. Keep it up. We are really happy for you… and jealous!!!!!

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