Flaming Gorge and Dinosaurs

This is our friend J.shawn.
He’s not flaming or a gorge….I guess you can say he is almost a dinosaur since he just turned the ripe old age of 32.

DSC03716Nope. He’s the reason Rhonda was able to get her ass back on the road for a sweet trip to Wyoming for some camping and road tripping to the northern part of Flaming Gorge.

As they say for every life there is a death. And actually this particular weekend there were about 132 deaths as countless of suicidal bunny rabbits kept jolting in front of Rhonda on the way to the Gorge.

But we weren’t going to let the deaths of countless cute, innocent, fluffy tailed rabbits stop the fun. Just kidding, I don’t think Rhonda actually hit any…but it’s no exaggeration when we say there is an epidemic of suicidal bunnies in southern Wyoming.

Great water sports, wake boarding, sunset cruise dancing….the flaming gorge was a great time! And late September was perfect because with campgrounds officially closed there were very little people.

The fun at the Flaming Gorge couldn’t last forever so Rhonda hopped (sick sense of humor) on south 191 to Vernal and the National Dinosaur Monument.

It’s an understatement to say that place was way cool.

Despite it being a tad pain in the arse to actually get to, the museum itself was sweet. Whoever says they wouldn’t want to see hundred million year old dinosaur fossils on the side of the mountain is a liar! I’ll tell them to their face!


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