Cast & Crew

RHONDA: Gulf Stream Conquest born in 1997 in an unknown location. Measurements are 23 x 11 x 8. People always ask how we came up with her name. Well, she’s tough, yet she’s classy, and she’s ready for the trip her lifetime. Everything about her screams Rhonda!

VANESSA: From Santa Fe, New Mexico, born August 1979. Moving to Washington, D.C. in 2005 to work for New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici was just one more way of fortifying Vanessa’s love for politics and the important connection to solve problems in local communities. Coming from a place like Santa Fe, she appreciates the unique culture and a strong sense of community identity that are so important to unlocking so many great things in any city or small town. After recently completing her Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University, she hopes to take this curiosity on the road and explore the intricacies and stories that really make our country great.

DSC01496 BRETT: From Darnestown, Maryalnd, born August 1978. Teaching, traveling, coaching are all part of Brett’s schtick. He has an impressive list of places he has lived including Denver and Chile. As a proud Badger, you can never say anything bad about the University of Wisconsin within earshot. First and always foremost is his passion to help others in need. Specifically, using basketball as a way to bring people-and countries-together. He has traveled to Algeria and even helped bring Iraqi children to the U.S. to participate in baskbetball camps. Now he hopes to use this idea in our own country to make an impact by organizing free basketball camps to areas that could really benefit.

3 thoughts on “Cast & Crew

  1. Lisa.Bortnick.McDonald

    Hi Brett! I had dinner with your sister recently and she told me to check out your block! ..u and Vanessa are amazing! Way to make a difference! Go Badgers!
    Lisa Bortnick McDonald

  2. Ellen Winston

    Hi Brett and Vanessa…
    I’m following Rhonda…and your journey. The Moore OKLA piece was heartwarming. You are living a year that will surely change your perspective and be life affirming. Can’t wait to see you in person and hear you talk about your experiences. And meet Vanessa. ❤❤Ellen Winston

  3. John S.

    Hi Vanessa. Thanks for letting me know about your blog. After Teresa and I spent 15 months travelling North America in our bus we thought we would be done. I NEVER stop thinking about it. Neither will you! Enjoy every minute. “Normal” life will always be there for you. Remember to let us know if you pass through Indiana. We may visit Santa Fe next summer, I’ll let you know. John S.

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