Take It All—The Liberation of Selling All Your Stuff!

I’ve been owned by my stuff for quite some time. From my first ‘adult’ living room set I bought fresh out of college to the house I stupidly purchased at the height of the damn bubble. I’ve been looking for a way to break away from all the crap that I feel constrained by.

Hence this trip. So why does the idea of not owning a couch start to freak me out? When you are an adult, you are supposed to buy nice things right? Well now that I’m an adult, I freaking hate moving that adult shit everywhere I go.

Luckily, Rhonda figured it all out for me! Can’t fit a queen pillow top bed in an RV? Craigslist that shit! Wait, you’re telling me I can’t fit a couch either? I’ll sell this couch, which I bought after meticulously spending hours online and perusing furniture stores, to the next person who shows interest! And before you know it, you are using patio furniture in the living room. Ha!


I felt I had to keep one adult thing, not for Rhonda, but in storage—my kitchen table. The stupid love I have for that thing is weird. Is it because of its versatility? Nope. Is it because of its high top, circular shape that reminds me of any table you would hang out with friends at any bar getting hammered? Probably.

So there you have it. It feels quite liberating to only own one kitchen table. And thanks to some dear friends who just moved into their new house and are in need of extra furniture, I can keep my big girl bed.

posted by a furniture-less Vanessa