Well, Now We Know Who The Real Dipstick Is….

Oil is like water for Rhonda. She craves it. It’s essential for her survival.

Brett realizes this and obsessively checks the oil dipstick. No really, CONSTANTLY. It’s actually really cute. We get the oil changed every 3,000 miles no matter where we are or what the time constraints may be.

So imagine the look on poor Brett’s face during this exchange while getting the oil changed in Medford, Oregon:

Mechanic: Wow, you are really low on oil sir.

Brett: That can’t be, I check it all the time. Why are you checking the oil on the wrong side of Rhonda’s hood?

Mechanic: I’m checking the oil, you were checking the transmission fluid.


And that ladies and gentleman is how we once and for all discovered who the real dipstick is….

As High Maintenance As They Come!

I finally know what it’s like to have a high maintenance girlfriend!

It has only been two weeks and I can say with sheer confidence that I’ve never met anyone as high maintenance as Rhonda. She is mentally and physically exhausting.

Granted some of it is not her fault, but everything is work. We have to constantly monitor water and bathroom visits because too much means it’s time to empty water tanks. And trust me, even though he claims it smells like roses, Brett’s waste certainly does not.

Every time it rains we have to tarp her, which is as exhausting as it sounds! One morning we frantically woke up hearing rain drops and without thinking about it we sprang out of bed at 2 a.m. Scrambling to find our head lamps in the dark, Brett sprang up the now slippery ladder and got on the roof to put the tarp down while I was on the ground attaching the bungee chords. He would be yelling directions but through the torrential downpour it was hard to hear. At this point putting the tarp on has become a timed challenge. Can we do it faster than the last time? Can we pull it tight so the rain drops off the sides? Gotta keep sweet Rhonda dry.

If we come upon a bridge, there could be issues.

With the unbearable heat, living in Her Heiness is especially tough. At times it is so hot and so uncomfortable its been tough to get restful sleep. Pretty sure we are keeping Duracell in business with all the batteries we use for our hand held fans. We’ve also figured out that frozen margarita drinks are great pillows too.

Sweet tan line
Sweet tan line

We have been very busy with the Hoops and Hope Tour, frantically running errands, buying things for Rhonda that it becomes difficult to eat right. Unless a steady diet of Combos and 1000 Grand Bars is a well balanced meal (ok, we are exaggerating a bit. We have also eaten fajitas and other good stuff).

Did I mention it’s been SO HOT!!!

But we are definitely getting the hang of it and MOST DEFINITELY couldn’t have done it without friends along the way:

David and Lizzie Assa
Becky and Mike Iaconnelli
Dave and Becky Kronman
Chad and Stacy Wain

If your name has not been mentioned and you live anywhere near The Route, we are coming for you!!

I guess you can say, I am beginning to feel like we are nailing this whole RV living thing! Is this unconditional love? I think so.

Written by Vanessa with slight, slight editing by Brett