Making Friends On The Road

Traveling Rhonda’s first post was about my friend Ray Chen. He passed away this year way before he should have. The post was simply how amazed I was by Ray’s ability to make friends after turning 30 years old. It honestly seems like an impossible feet.
Well, I am not sure if I made a life-long friend last week, but I definitely had a friend for the day.
I present to you Rich.

My new friend Rich
My new friend Rich

Vanessa was in Santa Fe, NM for a week so I was on my own in Madison. One of the every day tasks while living in an RV in a city is to find a place to park and sleep at night. I pulled onto Mifflin St, and found a spot right away. As soon as I opened the door, there was Rich sitting on a front stoop, and bellowing out hello. I made a sandwich in Rhonda while he started telling stories ranging from all the girl’s bikes he fixes in Madison to hitch hiking cross country to being Bart Starr’s paper boy when he was a kid (Bart Starr led the Packers to the first two Super Bowls in NFL history). Rich was probably in his 60’s, and he was a lifelong Wisconsin resident.

I joined him on his porch for a beer, told him I needed my bike fixed, and two seconds later he’s got his tools out and he’s showing me how to fix the brakes. After working together for about an hour or so he said he was out of beer. I gave him $20 to get us some, and we sat drinking and talking and working on the bikes for another hour or so. He was telling me about this girl who brought him cookies last year because he fixed her bike, and two seconds later that same girl showed up to say hi. Unbelievable!

Fixing my bike
Fixing my bike

I was planning on going to the student union that night to watch a movie at a place called the Terrace. When I asked Rich to come with me his eyes lit up. He hadn’t been to the Terrace in 13 years! We snuck some tall boys into our backpacks and biked over to watch Total Recall. He had this shit eating grin on his face the entire time we were there. Afterwards, when my bike got a flat tire, he was there to fix it up.

Rich was an awesome friend for the day, and I am hopeful we can stay in touch even though he has never used the internet in his life (or so he says).

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Take Your Twinkie and Shove It…

There is nothing like heckling and straight out yelling at grown adults to try some bacon dipped in chocolate.

Chocolate and Bacon

Ahhhh Bluephies. The restaurant kind enough (or dumb enough depending on your perspective) to give us our first odd job on the road. We helped slang at their food tent set up during the Taste of Madison, although the stuff they were dishing didn’t need much of a sell. Homemade kit kat bars? Deep fried Twinkies?

Uhhhh, I’ll have both please.

Not only did we prove to ourselves that we could actually make some money while traveling, we got to meet some awesome coworkers…

Awesome CoWorkers

…and we definitely got to refine some great one liners. Bluephies management said they are known for being the loudest and sassiest food tent during the Taste of Madison.

Alright, they asked for it. Here is a list of the best one-liners SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS in no particular order:

IT’S HAPPY HOUR; COME GET BOMBED WITH YOUR KIDS (translation: You look like a drinker so come share the joy with your two year old and buy a deep fried Twinkie Bomb for them.)

YOU WON’T NEED A LITTER BOX TO ENJOY WHAT WE GOT HERE (translation: You probably live with ten cats and only ten cats so come buy a homemade kit kat bar and love yourself!)

TAKE YOUR TWINKIE AND SHOVE IT….long pause….IN A DEEP FRYER (translation: Take the fried food already in your mouth and shove one of our fried Twinkies in your face instead.)

COME GET WEIRD AND MESSY MADISON (translation: Get some excitement in your life! If you don’t come and shell out two damn bucks for some bacon dipped in chocolate, you are a disappointment to the human race!)

But really, food in Madison ROCKS and the people of Madison ROCK EVEN HARDER:

Beer On Head



After hearing Brett rave about Madtown for over two years now, I’m glad I was able to see the craziness for myself. And I definitely agree. Madison, you are a pretty cool town. Cool enough to live in? You never know!

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