Idaho+ Beer + Hitchhiking = Very Good Times

So, Rhonda chills most of the winter and when the weather warms up she is usually chomping at the bit to stretch her legs. What better place to take her than the Mountain Brewers Beer Fest in Idaho Falls, Idaho?
The first weekend in June brings over 80 breweries and more than 600 different beers to pretty little Idaho Falls. And, by drinking all day we are doing a good deed as all proceeds from the event go to local charities.
We are selfless heroes!

So, we packed up Rhonda, added our friends Erica and Adam, and headed north.

DSC01252 DSC01262

We figured a beer festival would bring about good times but we couldn’t have imagined how many we could fit in to a 48 hour period.

It started with an overnight stay on Friday at a random park 15 minutes from where the festival would be held. Our parking spot had a view of the Snake River. So, we cooked fajitas, began drinking Bud Light and then the Meth-heads came out. We had read in a review online that there were some shady characters in this park at night, and so when numerous cars and an RV began rolling in at around 11pm we prepared for some Meth-head action.

We peeked through Rhonda’s blinds, but all we could make out were a couple families probably doing the same thing we were doing.  No meth-head action on this trip.  Oh well, maybe next time.

The next day we headed to the beer festival and it certainly did not disappoint.
There were plenty of pretzel necklaces around the necks of old perverts, tons of dancing, and of course, all the beer you could drink.

IMG_2494 IMG_2528 DSC01197 DSC01202

When the day ended we realized we had no way of getting back to where Rhonda was parked.  So we did what any sane person would do.  Hop in the back of a moving pickup truck and hope it was heading the correct direction.

What a great call.  This dude not only took us back to our parking spot, but he actually gave us a little tour of downtown Idaho Falls along the way.

DSC01227 IMG_2558 DSC01243 DSC01228

After some tailgating in the local motel parking lot, we called it a night and headed home the next day.  Hoping there’s some more Beer Festivals in our future.


Rating Our Friends: Part Deux

And now, for what has been long overdue, here is our second installment of making fun of our friends after their selfless hospitality. In all honesty, our travels could not have been the same without the following individuals.

Stu and Erica Michie
Kids: Monte and Asterid
Seattle, Washington

Why Rhonda Will Be Returning:
Their son is named after Monte Coleman (the greatest linebacker in Redskins history)
Greatest fajitas on earth
Best sushi recommendation
MVC: Most Valuable Couch
Kids are super funny

Room for Improvement:
Fire alarms going off for no apparent reason
You may get cut if you beat Monte at Bey Blades
Basement so warm and cozy it made it difficult to venture out to explore Seattle (when the weather was gorgeous no less)

It was tough to find areas of improvement for the Michie clan. Great hosts, endless cable channels, cute kids, and fajitas we still dream about…Forget the Space needle, the Michie house is the place to be.


Zach and Tori Allera
Kids: TBD
Pets: None
San Francisco, CA

Why Rhonda Will Be Returning:
Will not hesitate to take the Rhonda reigns during a desperate situation (to be addressed in a later blog post)
Exceptional air mattress accommodations
Tori is a good dumper
Amazing frozen pizzas!

Room for Improvement:
Live in a neighborhood that doesn’t appreciate an RV parked for a week straight
No egg drop soup at local Chinese restaurants
Zach and Toris’ sense of responsibility (their work schedules interrupted quality time w Brett and Vanessa)

It’s difficult to not want to stay with the Allera’s FOR-EV-ER. They are a ton of fun to hang with and they shouldn’t be surprised if we somehow unexpectedly show up on their doorstep.

The amazing Golden Gate Bridge.
The amazing Golden Gate Bridge.


Aaron and Krista Moatz
Kids: Nate and Miles
Pets: None
San Fransisco, CA

Why Rhonda Will Be Returning:
Greatest trick or treating streets in all of the land
Comfy ass couches
Life Cereal (Brett had not eaten that in a long time)
Most compassionate 3 year old on the planet
Great beer selection

Room for Improvement:
Real house under renovation so had to sleep in a rental
Forced to use our own blankets

These two hardworking and fun people are so nice and accommodating that it’s easy to start the planning for our next trip to the Moatz house.



Leron Baum
Kids: Not that he knows of
Pets: None
Park City, UT (The West Gate at the Canyons Resort)

Why Rhonda Decided to Stay:
Nonstop shuttle service makes you feel like a freaking movie star with a private car.
3 different pools including a relaxation pool with a phenomenal water fall
The Wire Season 1
Amazing views

Room for Improvement:
Can’t comfortably sleep on couches for fear of throw-up
Crappy, crappy internet connection
Nonexistent recycling program

Downtown Leroy Baum outdid himself by letting our homeless asses crash at his place at The Westgate.
He was also the reason we came to Park City because he put the idea in our heads. If you can work a trip to Park City, you must crash at the Westgate.



Putting It In Park in Park City: An Open Letter to Rhonda from Brett and Vanessa

Rhonda, can you believe it has already been four months on the road? Thank you so, so, so much for putting up with us!!

Thanks for muscling through the recent 12 hour nonstop drive from San Francisco to Park City, Utah. You handled it like a champ, like we knew you would! Now in Park City, I bet you are wondering why we’ve stayed here for so long. Usually we don’t last in one location for more than a day or two before we head to our next adventure.

Well, you will probably be relieved to know that you will be able to take a longer than usual rest: six month rest that is. Yup, we’ve decided to put it in park for the winter season in Park City. We have jobs and in a few days will have an apartment.

And you deserve the rest. We have so much to thank you for:

… the ungodly altitude climbs:

Altitude Sickness Anyone?
Altitude Sickness Anyone?

…the random boondock spots. Some were amazing:

Now THIS is a beautiful boondock!
Now THIS is a beautiful boondock!
While others were questionable:

…the endless meals that couldn’t have been possible without you:

Homemade Pot Pies
Homemade Pot Pies

…taking us to some of the most beautiful sites we have ever seen:

The amazing Golden Gate Bridge.
The amazing Golden Gate Bridge.

Thanks for just letting us hang out and be silly.

Teach me how to Snuggie?
Teach me how to Snuggie?

We’ve collected a lot of bumper stickers along the way.

Nice collection on your backside!
Nice collection on your backside!
And the adventure WILL begin again. Until then, here’s to all of us surviving the snow!

Well, Now We Know Who The Real Dipstick Is….

Oil is like water for Rhonda. She craves it. It’s essential for her survival.

Brett realizes this and obsessively checks the oil dipstick. No really, CONSTANTLY. It’s actually really cute. We get the oil changed every 3,000 miles no matter where we are or what the time constraints may be.

So imagine the look on poor Brett’s face during this exchange while getting the oil changed in Medford, Oregon:

Mechanic: Wow, you are really low on oil sir.

Brett: That can’t be, I check it all the time. Why are you checking the oil on the wrong side of Rhonda’s hood?

Mechanic: I’m checking the oil, you were checking the transmission fluid.


And that ladies and gentleman is how we once and for all discovered who the real dipstick is….

Ghosts in Rhonda

Ever thought you’ve had ghosts in your house? Something you placed on your counter at night is mysteriously on a different table in the morning? Weird sounds coming from the basement? Old hands touching you under the covers while you sleep? (Ok, that’s a little over the top). But you know what I’m saying.

Well, we think we have a ghost in Rhonda’s bathroomn. Couple things. My deodorant and shampoo both went missing. We fill up our water tank and then two days later it will be empty. Our water pump, which is activated by a switch in the back of Rhonda, will oddly be on in the morning.

Now, could I have misplaced the shampoo and deodorant because I can be forgetful?
Could we have used the water tank more than we remembered?
Could we have turned the pump on the night before while brushing our teeth and not turned it off?
Could there be a ghost in our bathroom?
Most likely.

We wanted to get to the bottom of this so we enlisted some experts to help us out.
First thing we did, obviously, was contact the Ghost Whisperer herself, Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Jennifer was concerned.

"There is a presence here."
“There is a presence here.”

She told us the ghost was real, and that it needed to work its problems out before it would leave us alone. We wanted more info, but Jennifer needed to get to her baby shower.

Next we called Whoopie Goldberg.
She brought the only spirit she had ever entered into. Although we didn’t find out anything about our ghost we did discover from Mr. Swayze that there is a Roadhouse Bar in Heaven.

"I am so happy.  ROADHOUSE!"
“I am so happy. ROADHOUSE!”

So, we did what any person would do if they want to get to the bottom of a ghost mystery.
We called in the ultimate Ghostbuster.

"Gozer was very big in Sumeria."
“Gozer was very big in Sumeria.”

And what did Bill Murray tell us? He told us our ghost probably suffered a cruel death while relieving himself in our bathroom and he was back until he finally got that nice, relaxing #2 off his plate. He advised leaving Rhonda for a couple days and letting the ghost do what he’s got to do.

We thanked Bill and he went on his way.

We decided to take him up on his advice and so, here we are, in our fourth day in Seattle, Washington. It has been four nights since we slept in Rhonda as the Michie’s, our friends here, have let us take over their basement.

We are leaving tomorrow so our only hope is Bill Murray was right and the ghost takes the most satisfying dump of his life and heads to the after-life in peace.

We shall see.

Rhonda Gets High

So we are all in our third month on the road. Brett now feels 3 days with the same boxers is ok, Vanessa feels baby wipes showers are the same as real showers, and I feel like getting high.

So that is exactly what I did.
There is nothing like getting high in the Rocky Mountains!

First I got high with the devil. Not the real devil. Devil’s Tower! In Wyoming. I was high as a kite at over 5,000 feet.
It felt good. I was relaxed. I swear I saw an entire field of prairie dogs, but I’m not sure. I was pretty high.

Getting High at Devil's Tower
Getting High at Devil’s Tower
Am I hallucinating or is that prairie dog trying to start some shit?
Am I hallucinating or is that prairie dog trying to start some shit?

Next, I wanted to get even higher so we headed further into the Rockies. All the way to Yellowstone National Park. Wow! I was over 8,500 feet up and I swear I couldn’t feel a thing. I was so damn high!
clouds and mts

the rockies

clouds and trees

It was like I was on another planet. I shit you not, it was like Mars. There was steam shooting out of the ground and volcanic activity everywhere. I know I was super high but I swear I’m telling the truth.

weird steam

weird stuff

old faithful

Was I just tripping out, or did I really just see a grizzly bear? WTF!!!


I felt like I was coming down so I got a little higher. I probably should not have been driving because I’m pretty sure I almost ran a pack of buffaloes off the road.

buffalo in road

We left Yellowstone and headed to Glacier National Park in Montana. I was so high that Vanessa and Brett rented a car so I could come down at the campsite. The curves of that road would have been tough for me to handle in my elevated state.

side of road

road curve

Man, I need to come down.
Man, I need to come down.

However, from what they tell me and the pics they took, Glacier was a site to see.

glacier almost gone

valley with river



Looks like they were pretty high too.

nessa high

brett weird

We will still be in the Rockies for another week or so. Hope I don’t kill too many more brain cells.
I am just so freakin high!