Cape May, New Jersey – First Official Boon Docking Night.

So on this trip, money is tight. For those that do not know what boon docking is, it’s basically not wanting to pay $60 a night to stay at an RV camp site and instead finding a random street to park Rhonda on.

The beauty of boon docking is that we can conveniently park close to places that we want to hang out. From parking practically on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach to staying a block away from the fun bars at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, Brett and I have become pretty good at this.

Cape May is our first official boon docking night on this road trip. Close enough to walk to the beach tomorrow morning, yet far enough in a residential area where it’s quiet and comfortable. It seems beach towns are prime spots for boon docking. Maybe it’s the fact there are more renters who don’t give a shit or maybe people at the beach are generally more laid back. The ocean seems to have that effect on towns.

We know that in some places boon docking is illegal and in most placed frowned upon. This is why we are very courteous when we boon dock. We make sure all the lights are shut off.


We also never run the generator or think about starting the car (AIR CONDITIONER) even when the temperature reaches 100 degrees in the middle of the night. A few nights ago, we were so desperate to sleep that we resorted to placing frozen margarita drinks on our bodies to ease the pain!


But we’ve met some amazing people like the lady in Virginia Beach who graciously let us park in front of her house and allowed us to use her garden hose to fill Rhonda’s water tank. We’ve also got in a slight bit of trouble like the time we slept in a church parking lot. In our defense, we weren’t planning on boon docking if it hadn’t been for the torrential rain we hit while driving and felt it be safer to pull off. It actually was quite interesting (and as a Catholic very disheartening) that the first words to come out of that priest’s mouth was “This is private property!” and not “Are you guys OK?”

Well, i guess it’s safe to say that boon docking is definitely just one part of the adventure.

A Vanessa post.