The Route

The Route

Traveling through the USA and Canada, it is almost certain that the map will change a bit. Until then, this is the plan:

Depart—Washington, DC on July 2 {A}
Camden, New Jersey {B}
Queens, NY {C}
Burlington, Vermont {D}
Maine {E}
Montreal, QC, Canada {F}
Toronto, ON, Canada {G}
Flint, Michigan {H}
Chicago, Illinois {I}
Joplin, MO {J}
Chicago, IL {K}
Madison, Wisconsin {L}
Minnesota {M}
Winnipeg, MB, Canada {N}
North Dakota {O}
Montana {P}
Calgary, AB, Canada {Q}
Vancouver, BC, Canada {R}
Seattle, WA {S}
Portland, OR {T}
San Francisco, CA {U}
Los Angeles, CA {V} (never made it)
Phoenix, AZ {W} (never made it)
Santa Fe, NM {X} (never made it)
Final Stop—Austin, TX {Y} (never made it)

Edited Version:
San Francisco, CA
Park City, UT

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